‘Tis the season of gift giving and the stress of what to get your coworkers for Christmas without seeming lame or going too over the top… We wanted to find a happy medium so you can be proud of your gift-giving abilities without breaking your bank.

Depending on your company’s culture, some of you may have a Secret Santa gift exchange happening or you may just want to get a few co-workers in your department an end of the year gift! Depending on your price range and how generous of a co-worker you are, here are some suggestions!

Oil Diffuser

First off, who doesn’t like coming into a room that smells like warm apple pie or a fresh lemongrass scent? This gender neutral gift is great for the office or to keep at home. All you have to do is buy the diffuser and essentials oils to go along with it.
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $15-40

19 Crimes Wine Bottle & Glass Set

Depending on your relationship with this coworker and knowing whether they drink alcohol or not, you can’t go wrong with getting them an interactive talking bottle of wine bottle & matte black wine glasses to go with it. Bottoms up!

Suggested Retailer: Grocery Store (wine) & Amazon (funny wine glass)
Price Range: $26-36

Funny Mug

Getting a reaction from your gift is always a good sign of someone enjoying what they received. There are so many funny mugs (appropriate & not) that you can get your fellow coworkers that’ll be sure to be put to use in and around the office. Get creative with it!
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $8-15

Dog Selfie Stick

This is for the co-worker who can’t stop talking about their dog and showing you pictures of them! If you’re a dog owner, you know how hard it is to take an actual selfie with your dog without them going crazy and trying to lick your face every 2.5 seconds; we found a solution to get the perfect selfie with your pooch!
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $7-20

Hydro Flask

A great holiday gift for your fellow co-workers is getting them an insulated water bottle/beverage holder that’ll keep their morning coffee hot all day or their water ice cold. These work better than your average insulated coffee cup… trust us!
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $21-60 (depending on size)

Laptop Riser

Many offices nowadays provide their employees with laptops to give them the ability to work from different locations. The only problem is that you may find yourself always looking down or hunched over at your desk working on your laptop! We found a perfect gift that allows your coworker to be more comfortable while working.
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $15-30

Post-It Organizer

90% of us have post-it notes stuck all over our computer/desk so we don’t forget those important tasks that are necessary to have at the forefront of your mind. These post-its can look tacky and cluttered when they’re stuck all over your work area, so that’s why a post-it organizer is so important to have!
Suggested Retailer: Amazon
Price Range: $7-11

A Nice Christmas Card

There’s nothing wrong with giving your coworker a good ole’ Christmas card as your gift! The price tag is not what matters, but what’s written inside the card that is really taken to heart. Writing an appreciation and Merry Christmas note in the card will always be enough!
Suggested Retailer: Local CVS or Hallmark Store
Price Range: $4-10

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Adorn team!

Author: Rachelle Dupré