Perfect Your Zoom Pitch

To say that nothing will ever be the same would be to state the obvious. There’s no doubt that our personal, social and professional lives have changed since the peak of the pandemic, but it looks like this life is now the new normal.

At Adorn, we stopped resisting it and started running with it, and it finally feels right.

When the pandemic hit, we didn’t have time to pause. We not only stood by our clients to help them adjust their brands to the constant changes that they came across, but we also continued to pitch to potential clients so that we could help them pivot, too.

In-person pitches are not always possible these days, which is why we invested time into perfecting our Zoom pitch.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to Zoom Early – This will allow you to smooth out any technical issues and prepare with time to spare.

  • Upload a Virtual Background – Professional meetings are the perfect time to put up a branded virtual background. This lets you look legitimate and hides clutter (especially if you’re working from home!).

  • Make the First Minute Count – As we like to say, first impressions don’t get second chances. Reel in the person on the other side of the screen with something that is relatable, or point out a personal connection that you may have to pick up their attention.


  • Pace Yourself – It can be difficult to read the room when there’s no one in it. Be sure to stop at times while you speak so that you know everyone is on the same page, or even invite your audience to share their input so that you know it’s engaged. 

  • Position Your Computer Properly – Be sure to put your computer on a stack of books or set it on a counter where you can stand in front of it so that your camera is at eye-level. This way, no one will be able to see the sweatpants that you’re trying to sneak. 

  • Look at the camera – not at the good-looking person in front of you. 


Adorn adapts to anything, revolving its services around the current state of the situation. This is how we’ve found the best success while keeping our six feet.