Marketing in Motion

If a brand markets its grand opening with a “We’re Open!” tweet, it’s not convincing anyone that the opening is going to be so grand. But if that same brand were to share a graphic with branded colors, fonts and imagery to execute the announcement, people might actually consider going. It’s simple – when someone has a face to put to a name, it becomes more memorable.

With this said, graphics are great and every brand needs them to stay in the game, but they also come with limits once a deeper message must be moved.

The complexity of creative ideas reaches limitations when confined to graphics, but put them in motion, and your marketing will create movements.

A Levels Beyond survey found that 40% of consumers said that they would rather receive information through a video rather than read that same information in text – proof that a large chunk of consumers are susceptible to a natural attraction toward motion graphics as opposed to stagnant substance.

Motion graphics enhance a brand’s authenticity and shape what the brand stands for. Visually rich videos write narratives, build audiences and leave audiences clinging to curiosity about what’s coming next.

Whether videos are promotional, instructional or anything in between, people pounce on the passive experience that videos offer them – one in which they don’t have to read, or really do anything beyond watch.