IVNV is an I.V. infusion therapy service located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Founded by Fire and EMS professionals after their recognition of a need for such services in the area, IVNV prides itself on being the only company in the Inland Northwest that focuses solely on delivering high quality hydration, vitamin and mineral I.V. infusion therapies.


IVNV’s brand did not adequately represent nor complement its high-ranked services, and once Adorn Group noticed this gap in its branding, it adopted the company to close it.


As a service in the medical industry, professional representation is not an option. Alongside Adorn’s expertise in branding, marketing and design, IVNV has since been able to support its quality services with valuable branding and digital representation.


Product Branding

You can only say so much about a product before you need to show what it can do, so Adorn Group took charge in helping IVNV’s products walk the walk. Instead of telling patients about each product’s purpose, Adorn focused on feeling and implemented design and imagery that tells a story. From designing icons and selecting colors to refining product names, Adorn’s full product rebrand for IVNV shows patients their unique benefits and values while corresponding with the voice of the overarching IVNV brand. Adorn knew that there was a way for IVNV’s brand to better align with its business, and now its products speak for themselves.

Website Refresh

It takes less than half of a second for people to form an opinion about a website that influences them to stay or leave, and IVNV’s website was not doing itself a favor. Stale and standard is what IVNV’s website was, yet far from what IVNV is, and Adorn Group saw this as nothing short of an opportunity to help the company grow. Through detailed design and information refined to satisfy both quick shoppers and researcher personalities, Adorn made IVNV’s website one that you’ll be happy you happened upon.

Social & Community Management


With a forefront infusion therapy service like IVNV, there’s no room for stale substance. In close collaboration with IVNV’s founders, Adorn developed informational content including facts, ingredient lists and benefits associated with each product as well as details about the particular problems that each product aids. Adorn’s creative team flew to IVNV’s headquarters in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to produce photo and video content for the brand while the design team created variations of visuals to showcase the six product lines and their associated topics, each individually branded with unique colors and icons for patients to be able to visually draw connections between the products and their benefits. Branded colors and templates pushed the company away from the dull content it was previously posting and toward more original and fresh content for a full digital brand redecoration.

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